Cape Town
In 2012, 88mph partnered with Google for Entrepreneurs to bring our team & operations to Cape Town

About Cape Town

If you could work anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

I bet for most, Cape Town would be in the top 5. So where better to collect the smartest startups together and run a tech accelerator program? We are privileged to have a tech hub here.

What's happening

  • Lagos program starts September 22nd; more info about the program and 440 here

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Some Cape Town startups

  • Apex Peak

    Apex Peak

    Web based short term working capital finance platform.

  • Graphflow


    Product, user and content recommendations as a service. Graphflow’s recommendation engine matches users with products, allowing our clients to present their users with the most relevant content at the right time.

  • Near A Builder

    Near A Builder

    For homeowners, a faster way of getting a reliable quote. For tradesman, easier to generate jobs.

  • Wabona


    Streaming African movies and series to locally based and diaspora customers.

  • Weaver


    We bring together two groups of three friends over a drink. We use your Facebook info to match you and make sure we don't introduce you to people you already know.

  • Byte Money

    Byte Money

    At Byte Money, we specialise in the receipting and allocation of payments for the insurance industry using a mobile POS (Point of Sale) terminal and our highly scalable PYP (Pay your Premium) platform.

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Cape Town Garage

Cape Town Garage
Woodstock Exchange
Block A / 4th Floor
66 Albert Road / Woodstock
7925 / Cape Town
South Africa
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