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  • Exciting news from 88mph 2013 alumni startup, ApexPeak

    Exciting news from 88mph 2013 alumni startup, ApexPeak

    January 30th, 2015

    When Gakim Solomons brought ApexPeak to us 2 years ago, he wanted to build a smarter system that could provide SME’s with short-term capital. He explained the system the banks were using, which was needlessly inefficient and expensive, leaving many businesses under-serviced, and incapable of growing their businesses.

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Some of our startups

  • Apex Peak

    Apex Peak

    Web based short term working capital finance platform.

  • Graphflow


    Product, user and content recommendations as a service. Graphflow’s recommendation engine matches users with products, allowing our clients to present their users with the most relevant content at the right time.

  • Babygroup


    South Africa's premier online shop for new parents and their babies.

88mph in Media

  • FastCo

    "With the continent's economy poised for rapid growth, 88mph is hoping to encourage the entrepreneurs of the "African diaspora" to return to their roots...After decades in the doldrums, the continent’s GDP grew 5% annually between 2000 and 2008"

  • FT

    “88mph invests in tech startups that rely on internet access via mobile phone. They’re backing everything from scratch cards to download music, paying your rent at the touch of a button and browsing for the latest fashions online.”

  • The Economist

    “In Nairobi they have plenty of talent to choose from…Investors are piling in…Down the street is 88mph, a seed fund and incubator that launched earlier this year.”

  • BBC

    “Some of the simple technologies in Kenya, while effective, are designed to address problems that are only really found in the developing world. But one place in Kenya – known as “88mph” – has greater high-tech aspirations.”

"The entrepreneurial idea that carries on, and brings profits, is precisely that idea which did not occur to the majority.

The prize goes only to those dissenters who do not let themselves be misled by the errors accepted by the multitude."

Ludvig von Mises